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Nashville, Tennessee, known as the Music City, harmoniously blends its rich musical heritage with a thriving craft beer scene. This dynamic city offers an array of top-notch breweries where you can enjoy a cold brew while tapping your feet to the beat. Join us on a tour of some outstanding Nashville TN breweries that combine the best of craft beer and live music.

Yazoo Brewing Company: Crafting Stories, One Brew at a Time

Nashville TN breweries

Image provided by Yazoo Brewing Company

Yazoo Brewing Company has been a pioneer in Nashville TN breweries’ craft beer movement since 2003, crafting exceptional brews that capture the essence of Music City. Beyond their renowned beers, Yazoo offers a unique experience within its spacious taproom where local musicians grace the stage, harmonizing craft beer excellence with the soulful sounds of Nashville. The taproom warmly welcomes patrons throughout the week, providing ample indoor and outdoor space for enjoying Yazoo’s diverse brews – a perfect spot for dog-friendly patio gatherings.

For those curious about the brewery’s brewing magic, Yazoo Brewery Tours offer an immersive journey into their Southern original brewery’s history and processes. Priced at $10.00 per person, these tours include a 45-minute exploration of the production facility, a 5oz souvenir logo glass, and generous beer samples. It’s a fun opportunity to witness the artistry behind Yazoo’s beer-making! 

TailGate Brewery: Where Creativity Meets Craft

Nashville TN breweries

image provided by TailGate Brewery

Nestled in West Nashville, TailGate Brewery epitomizes innovation in brewing. With a diverse array of craft beers, from classic ales to daring experiments, the expansive taproom offers a laid-back setting where live music complements your brew of choice.

At the heart of TailGate Brewery lies a dynamic 7-acre campus, hosting a large taproom, outdoor bar, pizza-by-the-slice shop, and more.

Founded in 2014 within an old Moose Lodge, TailGate Brewery continually expands. Weekly events like Trivia and Movie Night, a family-friendly atmosphere, and a warm welcome to furry friends make TailGate Brewery a unique blend of craft and culture in West Nashville.

Bearded Iris Brewing: A Symphony of Hops and Harmony

Nashville TN breweries

Image provided by Bearded Iris Brewing

Nestled in Germantown and part of the Sylvan Supply development on Nashville’s West Side, Bearded Iris Brewing is a haven for brewery enthusiasts and music lovers. Beyond beer excellence, Bearded Iris Brewing hosts live music events, seamlessly blending hop bitterness with the sweet tunes of Nashville.

Immerse yourself in the symphony of flavors and beats at Bearded Iris Brewing—an essential stop on your Nashville TN breweries tour. Additionally, the Sylvan taproom, featuring an R&D system and lager program, offers an intimate, comfortable space with experimental offerings and favorites from Germantown. Please note the tap rooms are cashless.

Southern Grist Brewing Co. : Crafting Unique Brews and Melodies

Nashville TN breweries

Image provided by Southern Grist Brewing Co.

Southern Grist Brewing Co. has two locations: East Nashville and The Nations, and is a hub of creativity in the craft beer scene. Known for their unique and ever-changing beer selection, this brewery is a favorite among locals. The inviting atmosphere extends to live music events, where the eclectic brews are complemented by the diverse sounds of Nashville’s musicians. Southern Grist Brewing Co. invites you to experience a fusion of distinctive brews and melodies.

Visit These Top Nashville TN Breweries

Nashville’s craft beer and live music scene offer a symphony of flavors and beats that define the city’s vibrant culture. From the innovative brews of TailGate Brewery to the hop-forward delights of Bearded Iris Brewing and the unique creations at Southern Grist Brewing Co., each brewery contributes to the sensory journey that is Nashville. So, grab a pint, embrace the rhythm, and savor the harmonious blend of beer and beats in this city of endless creativity and soul. Cheers to the unforgettable experience that is Nashville TN breweries!

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